A Brunette and Two Blondes

A brunette and two blondes are locals at this Irish pub down the
street. Every Friday, the three girls go and drown their sorrows
in a drink.
One evening, at the bar, the brunette drops down dead, face flat
on the table. When the police arrive, they begin to interview the
two blondes, “How did this happen?”
“We don’t know,” replies a blonde.
“Well how long have you known your friend?” the police ask.
“For a while” a blonde replies.
“Do you know of any illnesses? Or anything irregular or
different about your friend?” the police inquire.
“Oh I know!” shouts the other blonde, “she has two assholes!”
Confused the police ask “How do you know that?”
The blonde answers, “Well whenever we enter the bar, the
bartender says ‘here comes that brunette with the two assholes.'”

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