A woman was driving alone in the country when…

A woman was driving alone in the country when her car broke down. She
tried hitchhiking, but there just wasn’t any
traffic on the country road she was on. Finally, a truck with
chickens in the back pulled over. The man driving the
truck said, “I’ll give you a ride, but you have to fuck me first.”
She said, “No, I’m not that desperate!” “Well,” the
driver said, “No fuck, no ride!” The man took off. In the seat next
to the man was his pet parrot. It kept repeating
over and over, “No fuck, no ride!”  The man was getting sick of
hearing this, so he told the parrot that if he said that
again, he would throw him in the back with the chickens. The parrot
kept saying it, so the man threw him in the
back. Later, the man got pulled over by a cop. “What’s wrong?” the
man asked, “I know I wasn’t speeding.” “No,”
said the cop, “but you’ve got a parrot in the back of your truck
throwing chickens out onto the road while yelling, ‘No
fuck, no ride, no fuck, no ride!'”

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