Bigger ball

A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doc, I’ve got a problem with
my balls but I’m a little ashamed of it.” “Don’t worry, I’m here
to help you. What’s the problem?” The doc replies.

“One of my balls is much much bigger then the other one.” “Ok,
show them to me.” “No, no! everyone laughs at it, and I’m sure
you’ll laugh too, and that pisses me off!” “Look, I’m a doctor,
don’t doubt about my professionality. please show them to me!”

So he lowers his pants and gets this horribly huge ball, holding
it with both his hands, and panting for the weight tries to put
it on the table. The doctor, seeing such an incredible scene,
bursts out in laughter. And the man, getting angry, says, “I
knew you would laugh! Now I won’t show you the big one!”

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