Call Me Lucky

A man named Bob was walking down the street when he saw his old
friend Craig. Craig says, “Hello Bob. But Bob tells him not to
call him Bob but to call him Lucky. “Why should i call u lucky?”
says Bob.”
“Well i was walking down the street the other day and had just
stopped on the side of the road. Then the light went green and i
began to cross the road. Seconds later, a safe fell from the
building directly under where the man was standing.

“Wow thats pretty lucky.” says Craig. So they say goodbye and
walk away. Craig sees bob again next week and says “Hi Lucky.
Bob tells him not to call him Lucky but to call him Lucky Lucky.
Craig asks him why and Bob says, “I was crossing the road when i
tripped over and hurt my ankle. I was about to get up when i saw
a car speeding down the street. i was trying to get up but it
was getting closer and closer. All of a sudden the car crashed
into another car that was coming from side on.

“Wow thats pretty lucky” says Craig and they say goodbye and
leave. Next week Bob is walking down the street and he sees
Craig again. Craig says, “Hello Lucky Lucky.” Bob says “don’t
call me Lucky Lucky. Call me lucky lucky lucky.”

Bob tells him that just the other day he took his girlfriend out
to dinner and they were both incredibley horny so they went to a
hotel and were getting it on when the shandalier fell and
smashed his girlfriends cunt.

Craig says,”Whats so Lucky about that?”

Then Bob answers, well if it happened 10 seconds earlier it
would have cut my head off!”

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