Changes at the White House

Since the Clinton�s Got a Puppy,

*Accusations of crotch-sniffing at the White House no longer automatically
implicate the President.

*New “doggy door” makes it that much easier to sneak out for a midnight run to

*At long last, Bill won’t have to flinch *every* time he hears “Bad boy.”

*President no longer the only one accused of burying his bone in someone
else’s yard.

*Even more silly photo opportunities for the President on the White House

*New, unwelcome presents under the Christmas tree.

*Obviously miffed Socks slips Kenneth Starr a note reading “Bil luvs Monika!”

*Shouts of “Come!” from Lincoln bedroom no longer make Hillary suspicious.

*Chelsea now has to share her room with more popular sibling when she comes
home from school.

*Pipe and slipper retrieval removed from Al Gore’s daily to-do list.

*Roger Clinton no longer is the only one to piddle in the Rose Garden.

*Cries of “What a dog!” no longer make Janet Reno burst into tears at State

*To the embarrassment of the trainers, dog still unable to tell Al Gore from a

*”Get that horny fur ball off my leg!” no longer refers exclusively to the

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