Chicken sex

A guy is very desperate one day, so he gathers up his money which only comes to $3 and goes to a whore house. He asks the woman at the desk “What can I get for this?”

She laughs, and says “I’m sorry, you cant get anything.” The guy begins to cry and taken by this the woman said “Hey…Well, I’ll make you a deal. I will let you fuck this chicken for $3!”

The guy is sickened, and immediately walks away, but through the night he cant stop thinking about the chicken.

The next day, he goes back to the whore house and gives the lady the $3 he had. She tells him, “Go straight across, and then turn left” The guy thanks her, and then walks off into the room she pointed for him to go to.

The next day he is still thinking about the chicken, and once again he goes to the whore house. This time he only has $2, and he goes up to the woman and says, “Gimme the chicken.”

She starts shaking her head, and replies “No way! You almost killed the chicken last time! But I will let you see 2 lesbians fingerbanging each other,”

The guy says, “fine,” and gives the woman his money.
“Go straight up the stairs, and onto the balcony,” the woman says.

When he gets there, he is also surrounded by a crowd. He starts talking to a guy saying “Wow this is some pretty good stuff!”

The guy replies “Nah man… You should’ve been here yesterday. Some guy was fucking a chicken!!!”

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