Cigars and Old Age

THE SECRET TO OLD AGE A woman celebrates her 90th birthday with a huge gala in the village. Everybody is there – the mayor, the police chief… and a reporter from the local newspaper. The reporter asks, for the record, to what does she ascribe such a long life? She tells about a great many things, including the 3 beers and 2 cigars she has each day. Looking him level in they eye, she says evenly: ‘Never forget a healty and active sex life keeps your circulation going.’ The reporter is rather curious at such a declaration , and asks deferentially: ‘So when was the last time you made love, Mam ?’ ‘Well, let me think – made love – the last time I did that was around 1945.’ ‘Whoah,’ he says, ‘that’s a helluva long time ago!’ ‘You think so ?’ the woman replies and checks her watch. ‘But it’s only 20:15 now, barely half an hour later.’

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