Clocks In Heaven

Last night I had this dream I died and went to heaven. When I got there, there were clocks everywhere. God comes to me and asks if I have any questions?
I say, �Yes, what is with all the clocks?�
He said, �Well there is a clock here for everyone every time the hand goes around that is how many times that person plays with himself an hour, is there anybody�s clock you want to see?�
I say, �how about Bob’s�, so we go see Bob’s clock and it goes around 1 time so he plays with himself 1 time an hour.
God asks, �any one else?� and I say, �how about Joe’s?�
So we see Joe’s and it goes around 5 times. So he plays with himself 5 times an hour. Now God says “I�m kind of in a hurry, so ill let you see 1 more clock.” So I say, �how about Bill’s?”
God says, “Ok, but we have to go to my office I use that one for a fan.”

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