Dad and son

One day, a little boy and his dad went fishing down at the lake. they were sitting there for a while without catching anything when the boys dad pulls out a beer and starts drinking it. “can i have a sip of that father?” asked the little boy. his father replied “does your dick touch your ass?” “no” the little boy answered. “then you can’t have any beer”his father added. a little while later his father pulls out a cigar and starts smoking it. “can i have a puff?” asked the little boy.his father replied “does your dick touch your ass?” “no” the boy answered. “then you cant smoke my cigar” the father added. after a while the boy hooks a big fish and starts to real it in. once it was realed all the way in they realized that it was not a fish, but it was a big wodden box. they opened the box to out find that it was full of money. “can i have some of your money son?” asked the boys father. the boy replied “does your dick touch your ass?”. “yes” his father answered. the little boy concluded “well then go fuck yourself”.

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