Farmer’s Daughters

Ok, there’s a farmer and he has 3 teenage daughters. One night around 7:30 the doorbell rings. He goes to answer the door and there is a teenage boy standing there.

Farmer: Hi. Can I help you?

Boy: Yeh… My name is Joe, I’m here to pick up Flo. We’re gonna’ see a show, Can she go?

Farmer: Well, of course, but she’s not ready yet. You can come in and sit on the sofa and wait.

Joe goes and sits on the sofa, and about 10 minutes later the doorbell rings again. The farmer answers the door, and there’s another teenage boy out on the porch.

Farmer: Hi, How can I help you?

Boy#2: Hey! My name is Eddie, and I’m here to pick up Betty. We’re going to eat spaghetti, is she ready?

Farmer: No she’s not but you can join Joe on the sofa.

About 5 minutes later, Joe, Flo, Eddie, and Betty all leave to go to town. Later that evening, the farmer hears tires squealing, a car door slam and footsteps running up the front stairs. The doorbell rings so he grabs his shotgun just in case something bad happens. When he opens the door, there’s another teenage boy standing there and he reeks of booze.

Farmer: Let me guess, you’re here to see one of my daughters.

Boy#3: Yeah… My name is Chuck….


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