A fireman comes home from work and is all excited. He just can�t wait to tell his wife the good news about a new system that they have down at the station.

“Honey!” he says, “you�re not going to believe this! Down at the station we have this new system and it�s so great.

When Bell #1 goes off we put on all our gear.

When Bell #2 goes off we slide down the pole and jump in the fire truck.

When Bell #3 goes off we speed to the fire in the fire truck.” He excitedly tells his wife.

Triumphantly he says, We�re going to do the same thing for our sex life!

When Bell #1 goes off we are going to strip naked.

When Bell #2 goes off we will jump into bed.

When Bell #3 goes off we will screw our brains out.

Let�s give a test run. OK, ready? “Bell #1!” (they strip naked)

“Bell #2!” (they hop into bed)

“Bell #3!” (they start screwing there brains out)

A couple of minutes later the wife starts screaming “Oh, Bell #4! Bell #4!”.

The husband confused says,”Bell #4, What�s that?”

The wife screams “More hose! More hose! Your not reaching the fire!!!”

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