Gold prospecting

A prospector on his first trip to Alaska met an old miner named Jake at the local saloon and decided to join him on his next trip since he was an old hand at looking for gold in the Yukon. The next day as they were finishing loading the dog sled with supplies the old timer told him to go find a board with a knot hole in it.

The rookie ask why and was told that they would be in the back country a long time and they would not see any women until they returned to town. Well the young prospector thought this was crazy but found a board to appease the old man.

About eight months later the young prospector walked back into town alone. One of the towns people ask him what had happened to old Jake.

” Well”, the young prospector answered, ” I had to kill him.”

“Why on earth did you have to do that for,” ask the townsman.

The prospector looked him in the eye and stated. “Caught him in bed with my BOARD.”

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