Good Salesman

There once was a man with a lisp who wanted a job as a salesman really badly. So one day he went to a salesperson and told him how much he wanted the job. The salesperson didn’t think he had the potential to be a salesman but he decided to give him a chance anyways. So he said to the man “If you can sell these toothbrushes, I will give you a job as a salesman.”

A week later, the man comes back with a big grin on his face and tells the salesperson that he has sold all the toothbrushes. Astonished, the salesperson asks, “How did you do it?! I have been trying to sell those brushes for months now.”

“It was quite easy,” said the man. “Here, want a piece of chocolate?”

“Sure,” said the salesperon and ate it.

“This chocolate tastes like shit!” he yelled disgusted.

“It is,” said the man smiling. “Want a toothbrush?”

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