Air Force One, the jet that carries the President, was on it’s way to a summit meeting in Washington, DC on the status of the Internet.On board were Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Gates. Halfway to DC, the plane suddenly crashed and all on board died instantly. Up in Heaven, God sat upon a large throne and looked down to pass judgement on the three men.’Bill Clinton’, God said, ‘What do you believe in?’Clinton replied, ‘I believe in freedom of speech, in music and in serving the public.”Very well,’ God said, ‘You may enter Heaven, Mr. Clinton.’Al Gore stepped up. ‘Mr. Gore, what do you believe in?’, God asked.’I believe in saving the environment, I believe in fresh air and trees and I did everything I could to ensure that our children would inherit a clean environment.’ Al said.’Very well,’ God said, ‘You may enter Heaven, Mr. Gore.’Bill Gates stepped up. ‘Mr. Gates,’ God said, ‘What do you believe in?’Bill adjusted his glasses, looked up at God and said,’I believe you are sitting in my chair.’

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