hunting ducks

A man goes out one day to do a bit of duck hunting. He lives on
the state lines of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio, so he
starts out in Ky. He gets a little bored of his surroundings
after bagging a few and moves to Ohio try his luck in that area
of the woods. Here he gets pretty lucky and grabs quite a few
and as he aproached his limit he decides it’s time to head on
over to West Virginia. After crossing the state line he gets
set up and along comes a police officer to see how the catch has
been. The officer walks up and says “first I need to see your
hunt’in liscense.” The hunter hands it over and the officer
sees it’s legit and takes a look at the ducks. He picks up the
first, smells it’s ass and says “This is a kentucky duck, you
gotta kentucky liscense?” The hunter hands it over, and the
officer goes on to the next duck. He picked it up and says,
“This here’s a Ohio duck, you gotta ohio liscence?” The hunter
a bit annoyed hands it, too, over for the officer’s inspection.
After this the officer hands it back smiling and says, “well,
everything seems to be in order, so have you a nice day, but by
the way, where you from?” With a little agrivation in his voice
the hunter returns “try smelling my ass and tell me!!”

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