Ice Fishing

Ralph and Brian decide to go ice fishing.”This looks like a good spot Brian!” Said Ralph. So they stopped, and put there stuff up.”THERE ARE NO FISH THERE.” Said a voice from up above…he looked up in amazement.”Well Brian I guess I was wrong. Lets check over there.” He silently thanked the man for telling them…he would have wasted all the time!!! But once he reached the next spot the voice said again”THERE ARE NO FISH THERE.” “Well… lets try over here.” They gathered their things and went over to another place.”THERE ARE NO FISH THERE.” Said the voice again. Ralph looked up but saw only what he expected. “Hmm….ok thanks!” He screamed, and moved on. But again….the voice said”THERE ARE NO FISH THERE.” Ralph wondered for a second. Then he said”Are you God?” He asked. “NO I OWN THE SKATING RINK…..THERE ARE NO FISH THERE!!!”

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