It Takes A Village…

Monica didn’t get paid for working in the White House…she did it for a GAG!

The new favorite dish in the White House is the Clinton stew.
One weenie in hot water.

Clinton has given up the Saxophone…instead he’s learning how to play the

Bill: “I didn’t tell her to lie in the DEPOSITION…I told her to lie in THAT
there position!”

Bill Clinton accused Monica of not following the party line…He says she only
paid lip service to it.

Clinton hired Johnny Cochran for his defense. The new line is…”If she spit,
you must aquit!”

Mr. Clinton paid an unscheduled visit to a US Women’s Luge Team practice, just
before the team left for Nagano, Japan, shortly after hearing that they were
already lying on their backs.

The Secret Service got a real scare the other day when someone threw a beer at
Bill Clinton during his morning jog. Fortunately, it was a draft, so he was
able to dodge it.

Hillary just hired a new White House intern … LORENNA BOBBIT!

Most people worry about getting AIDS from SEX.
Bill worries about getting SEX from AIDES!

The president got a dog so that Hillary wouldn’t be confused when she walked
past the Oval Office and heard, “Roll over, sit, stay. Good. Now here’s your

Hillary’s new book: “It Takes A Village…”
“…To Satisfy My Husband”

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