Mermaid sex

This guy went into a bar and ordered a beer. He happened to look down the bar
and see a man sitting there with a head the size of a cue ball. So he walked
down and said to the man, �Excuse me sir, I don’t mean to be rude but I noticed
you have a small head. Is this a birth defect?� The man said �No, I got this in
the war. The German�s in WWII torpedoed my ship. I was the only survivor on the
ship so I swam to shore. One day a mermaid swam up to me and said she would
grant me three wishes. For my first wish I wanted to return to the U.S. The
mermaid granted that wish. My second wish was to have all the money I would ever
need. Wish granted. My third wish was to have sex with the mermaid. She said, �I
can’t grant that wish because mermaids can’t have sex.��

So I said, �How about a little head?�

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