New TV

There was a blonde and she wanted to buy a TV and so she went to a store to buy a TV. She goes in the store and looks around and finds a TV she really likes.

She goes up to the man at the cash register and says “Hey can I buy this TV?”

The guy says “No, I don’t sell any thing to blondes!”

Sad, she leaves the store but then as she is passing a salon she has a good idea ( for once) she thought “I am gonna dye my hair.”

The next day she comes in the store with black hair she finds the TV and says “Hello. can I buy this TV?”

“No, I don’t sell to blondes”

Well, this dyeing her hair a different color goes on and on at last she dyes she hair blue, comes in and says “Can I get a TV?”

“No, I don’t sell to blondes.” he said for the 6th time.

“But how do you know I am a blonde?”

“Because miss that isn’t a TV, it is a microwave.”

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