One day two seasoned hunters took a rookie to go on a hunting
trip. After they got to the hunting site, the two pros took the
rookie to a tree and told him, “Stay here. Don’t move, and no
matter what, don’t make any sound. Wait for the deer to get
close enough so you can shoot the deer. But under no
circumstances should you make a sound!” With that, they left to
find their own spots to stake out.

Five minutes later they heard an ear piercing scream coming from
where the rookie was. The pros rush over and asked, “What
happened?! We told you NOT to make any sound!” He replied, “I
know. I tried not to! I didn’t scream when the bear was in my
face. I didn’t scream when the snake wrapped around my legs. But
I can’t help it when the two chimpmunks went up my legs under my
pants and asked each other, ‘Should we eat them now or bring
them home for latar?'”

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