One day a preist was out on the lake fishing,…

One day a preist was out on the lake fishing, when he saw a man not to
far away reeling in a fish. He then started his boat and drove over to
the man. The man reels this fish out of the water and exclaimes “now
would you take a look at that sombitch”.

The preist, quite shocked says “you can’t say that around me, I am a
man of the cloth. The fisherman says “no you don’t understand, that is
the name of the fish”. So the preist appologizes for his mistake, and
this man then tells him to take the fish home, no hard feelings.

This preist thinks this is a rather unusual fish, so he takes it to the
bishop, and tells him, take a look at this fish. The father is quite
impressed with the size of the fish, but then the preist adds “thats a
big sombitch father”. The bishop utterly in a panic tells the preist
not to say that in the house of god, or he will surely be struck down.
“No, no, you don’t understand, that is the name of the fish”. He then
appologizes likewise, and they both decide to take this to the pope.

So these two men take the fish to the pope, and the pope replies “That
is a very nice looking fish gentleman”. The bishop pipes up and says,
yes, a very nice looking sombitch isn’t it”. The priest then replies
with a similar remark. The pope in a raging fury tells the men that
they have both just been excommunicated for their blatend sinning in the
house of God. The two men proceed to tell the pope that “sombitch” is
the name of the fish. After appologizing, the pope agrees to take the
fish to the heavenly mother and have her cook it up for supper.

That evening at dinner, a new priest to the convent is sitting down to
dinner with these three men. First the elder preist says “this is a
good sombitch”, then the bishop says “yes, I wish I could go out and
catch me some more of these sombitches” and finally the pope says “would
you please pass me some more of that sombitch”. The new guy looks at
the three and laughs. He then extorts “By God, you mother-f**kers are

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