Out Of Gas

While driving cross-country a man ran out of gas. Walked for a few miles in the rain and came to a house. After banging on the door for 10 minutes he decided to leave, but saw something in the window. There stood a nude couple, the woman squeezing her tits and the man beating his dick with an umbrella.

After watching for a while, the guy wrote them off as loonies and went in the direction of the next house. The neighbors were friendly and helped out in what ever way they could, the guy couldn’t resist describing what he saw in the first house.

The woman laughed and said, “Oh, they carry on that conversation all the time.”

“What do you mean?” asked the puzzled traveler.

“Well you see, they’re a deaf couple. She was asking her husband to go milk the cow and he was saying, “F*ck you bitch, it’s raining!”

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