Revenge on Telemarketers….


Tom Mabe: Hello?

Telemarketer: Yes? Is this Mr. Mabe?

Tom Mabe: Yes.

Telemarketer: Hi. This is Todd from “Bill’s Carpet Cleaning,”

Tom Mabe: Uh-huh.

Telemarketer: …and I’ve been telling people in your area about
a special one-time, 29–

Tom Mabe: Oh my God, I’m so glad you called… Can you get blood
out of the carpet?

Telemarketer: Um… Yeah, Yeah, we can do that…

Tom Mabe: Because, man, I’ve got blood all over the place, I’ve
got it on the floor, the couch, the drapes… It’s all over the

Telemarketer: Ok Mr. Mabe, when would you like us to come over?

Tom Mabe: Can you come over right now.. Now would be good…

Telemarketer: Um… I’m not sure I can do that… We can
schedule for another time..

Tom Mabe: What’s your name? Todd?

Telemarketer: Yes, Todd.

Tom Mabe: Now, Todd. The law states that if someone comes into
your house, breaks into your house, you can shoot them, right?

Telemarketer: Um… I’m not sure if it says that, why do you
want me to call 911?

Tom Mabe: Do you think that applies to relatives?

Telemarketer: Yeah, I mean, I dunno.

Tom Mabe: No no no no, it’s ok… Now Todd, I need you to come
over right now… I mean what do you get paid per week? I’ll
double it.. I’ll by you a keg, what shoe size do you wear??

Telemarketer: 12.

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