Road Sex

‘Road sex’ blamed for mystery crashesby David Williams, Motoring CorrespondentA deadly new syndrome is stalking the highways and byways of the world, according to a new report today — ”road sex”.It is claimed that the phenomenon could explain scores of mystery road crashes each year.A national poll in Australia has revealed that almost half the drivers questioned are guilty of road sex — indulging in sexual fantasies or ”sexual anger” while behind the wheel.Research suggests that after drink-driving, the second biggest killer on Australian roads is lack of concentration, often caused by those fantasies.The finding emerged during a four-year study into driver behaviour and the state of the mind immediately preceding a crash. Forty-two per cent of those surveyed admitted to indulging in sexual fantasies or experiencing ”sexual anger” while out on the road.Psychologist John Cheetham, who analysed the research for an insurance firm, said: ”Sexual frustration and irritability go together. But irritability and motor vehicles are not compatible.”If we can get into the mind of the driver in the hours leading up to an accident, we might hold the key to more effective driver education and road- accident prevention.”RAC spokesman Edmund King said there was hope for British drivers. ”We do not feel that the typical UK driver has enough time to get lost in sexual fantasies on the road,” he said.”In the UK the emotions that spill over tend to be frustration, anger and ‘road rage’ aimed at other drivers.”Perhaps the freedom of the Australian highway is more conducive to sexual fantasies than the congested UK motorways.”

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