Sex & Poker

A little boy walks into his parents bedroom one night while they
are getting it on. The boy asks his father “What are you doing?”
The father replies “I’m playing poker.” The little boy then
asks, “What is mommy doing?” Dad says, “She’s my wild card.”
Without any more questions the little boy leaves the room.

The following night he stays with his grandparents. Once again,
he lets himself into the bedroom, where he sees them doing the
deed. He asks his grandpa “What are you doing?” Grandpa says
“I’m playing poker.” Confused, the little boy asks “And what is
grandma doing?” “She’s my wildcard.” Without any hesitation the
boy steps out of the room.

The next afternoon the boy gets caught by his dad in the
bathroom jacking off. His father asks him, “Son, what are you
doing?” He replies, “I’m playing poker.” With a startled look on
his face the father responds, “Where’s your wild card?” With a
smile on his face the boy turns to his father and says, “Why do
you need a wild card when you’ve got a good hand?”

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