Speech Problem

This story is about a man with a speech problem.

One day a man called Greg went into a bakery “hi, could I
please have a bum”, the baker looked shocked but after a few
seconds he handed over a bun.

A while after Greg went into a hardware store “hi, could I
please hve a fuckit” said Greg “a what” replied the worker “a
fukit” the worker then new what Greg meant and got a buckit.

Greg then went to a pet store and asked for a cockinspankit the
owner instantly falling into shock was about to ask Greg to
leave but then walked up to a dog he said “do you mean a
cokinspanle” “yes” replied Greg.

Later on the way home Greg took the dog for a walk. Greg
accindently let go of the dog and ran up to another man “could
you please hold my bum and fuckit while I go get my

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