Talking dog

a man was walking down the sidewalk when he passes a house with a sign that read “talking dog for sale” in on the front lawn. the man knocks on the door to ask about it.the owner says yep hes a talking dog, have a look hes in the backyard.
sure enough there is a mutt sitting in the back yard. the man says “you talk?”
the dog says yep.
man says “whats your story?”
dog says “well i reallized i had this gift when i was young so i told the cia and before you know it theyu had me jetting all over the world sitting in on world leaders because noone would suspect a dog would be listening. i did that for a while and reallized i wasnt getting any younger so i decided to do some airport security, mostly just wandering up to strange characters and listening in. i made a couple of busts and received some medals. then i got me a wife had some pups and now im just retired.”
“wow” the man said walking back to the front door to ask the owner more.
“how much you asking for?” the man asked
“10 dollars” the owner replied.
“what? why in the world so cheap?”the man asked astonished.
“because hes a damn liar. he didnt do any of that shit.”

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