Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s a little boy. He goes up into his brothers room and his
brother is listenin to a CD and the CD says I’m gonna cut off
your boobs and your balls. And the little boy asked what are
boobs and balls? And the brother says it means hats and coats.
Then the boy goes down to his dad where his dad is shaving.
And his dad cuts him self with the razer blade. And yells SHIT.
The boy asked what does that mean. And the dad says it means
So then the boy goes to his mom where she is cutting the
turkey. And she cuts her self with a knife. And she yells FUCK.
and the boy asked what does that mean. The mom answers cutting
the turkey.
So then the door bell rings and the little boy goes over to
the door and answers it. And he says may I take your boobs and
balls. Then the people at the door say where are your parents
young man? Then the boy says dad is in the back shitting while
Mom is in the kitchen fucking the turkey.

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