The Chicken Joke

A guy was sitting around his house watching TV when he realized he was pretty freakin horny. So he hoppped into his car and drove to his local bordello(whorehouse). When he arrived, he walked up to the madam and realized he only had a five dollar bill. He looked up pittifully at the madam and asked what he could get for five dollars. After a few moments of thought she replied that she would allow him to have his way with a chicken for five dollars. The man was infuriated and began to walk back to his car when the feeling hit him again. He turned promtly around and went back into the bordello(whorehouse). He agreed sheepishly to scronck the chicken. She directed him down the hall and into the third door on the left wherein stood the ususpecting chicken. The chicken bolted!–The man gave chase! After some time the man caught her by the neck.(it was a HER, this guy wasn’t a pervert or anything)He began to “do his thing” to the chicken. He did it hard!–He did it fast!–Feathers were flying!–Eyeballs were nearly popping out! The next morning the man woke up in his bed and went to work. All day, the chicken commanded his thoughts. Those legs. Those thighs. Those breasts. He bummed a five off his friend and drove directly to the bordello(whorehouse) after work. Walked to the madam handed her the five and asked for the chicken. She somberly told him that the chicken was dead and offered him a front row show with two gorgeous lesbians. He accepted and the madaam lead him down the hall and into the second door on the left where a man was already seated watching this spectacular show. The man sits down beside him and begins to view these two hot lesbians through this thick glass. Our man leans over and whispers to the guy: “Man, this is freakin awesome!” The man’s reply: “Dude, that ain’t nothin’, yesterday there was a guy in there screwin’ a chicken.”

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