The Orange Seller

Once there was a dumb orange seller who worked at a very
successful orange stand. One day a customer came to him and

“How much are these oranges?”

The man replied in a squeekiy voise ” I dunno?”

The owner yelled back “Your supposed to say ’25 cents!'”

Man: “25 cents”

Then a second costomer came up:

Costomer: “Are these oranges fresh?”

Man: “25 cents”

Owner: “No NO you say ‘yes, yes very fresh!'”

Man: ” yes, yes very fresh”

Then a thitd costomer walks up and says:

Costomer: “Can I buy these oranges?”

Man: “25 cents”

costomer: “I don’t want the price! Can I buy these oranges?”

Man: “Yes, yes very fresh!”

Owner: “No, no your supposed to say ‘Quick before sombody else

Man: “quick before somebody else does!”

Then a Robber comes in and says:

Robber: “How much money is in the cashregister?”

Man: “25 cents!”

Robber: “Are you bein’ fresh with me?”

Man: “Yes, yes very fresh!”

Robber: “Do you want me to shoot you?”

Man: “Quick before somebody else does!”

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