The three nuns and the thief

A thief had been arrested for robbery and was thrown in jail, the next morning
he escaped. “I got to lose these prison clothes,” The thief said so he strips
down and leaves his clothes in the trash can in a local park. He sees three very
attractive nuns coming. So hype jumps into the bushes, but his boner was
sticking out “damn it!� The first nun comes by and pulls on the theirs cock, he
reaches down and throws her a stick of gum off the ground. She says �Oyo sisters
come over here, look what this vending machine gave me!”
Excited the second nun pulled on the thief�s dick; he bends down and throws
her a quarter from off the ground.
“Oh praise the lord heavenly Jesus, I got a quarter” the nun said.
The thief looked down to find something to give to the third nun but their was
nothing left on the ground.
The third nun comes and she starts pulling’, she’s tugging and pulling’ and
tugging and pulling’ “Oh lord, I think it broken,” she said. “Pull it one more
time really hard sister,” the first two say.

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