The Top 16 Excuses Given by Nike to Justify Third World Exploitation

16> It’s not slave labor. It’s… it’s… T’ai Chi class!

15> You think we’re ripping THEM off?? YOU paid $200 for that molded rubber you’re wearing.

14> 14 cents an hour buys *twice* as much in Southeast Asia than it does in the U.S.

13> We’d pay ’em more if they had a decent fadeaway jumper.

12> Relax! We only require 20 hours a week from the terminally ill or malnourished.

11> A nation of 5-year olds who not only can tie a shoe, but can MAKE a shoe? That’s not exploitation, pal, that’s progress!

10> If we paid our workers a living wage, Michael couldn’t support his golf gambling habit.

9> Hey, do you know how many bathroom breaks a 9-year old takes?? *We’re* the ones being exploited!

8> Too busy counting our money to notice.

7> CEO Phil Knight still owes Bill Gates a few billion from last year’s poker game.

6> Interior decor of company jet was *embarrassingly* pass�.

5> Hey, Reebok gets *their* shoe leather from baby seals!

4> Complaints about LOW PAY? We thought it was Lo Pei, the supervisor!

3> Average hourly wage for young workers much higher if you include Tiger Woods.

2> Our CEO keeps downsizing his conscience.

1> Just Screw ‘Em!

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