Then their was this fellow who loved his wife’s…

Then their was this fellow who loved his wife’s butt so much, that he
was constantly telling her what Beautiful Buns she had.

He would come home from work and compliment her on her Beautiful Buns; as
she was doing the dishes he would expound on the virtues of her Beautiful
Buns; even at church, he would lean over over and whisper to her what he
wanted to do with those Beautiful Buns.

When his birthday arrived, the wife wanted to do something really
special, she decided to have the words “Beautiful Buns” tatooed to her

She went down to the tatoo parlor, but they said it would cost $500. This
being a bit more than he was prepared to spend, she asked what she could
get for $50.

After a bit of discussion they decided that for $50 the guy
would tatoo just a “B” and a “B” on each cheek.

That evening when her husband walked in the door, she immediatly turned
around, dropped her pants, and said “Happy Birthday!”

Her husband said “Who the hell is Bob?”

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