Top 10 Signs the New Mir Computer is Running Windows

# 10: The computer keeps asking you to “Insert Setup Disk #3 to continue”

#9: There is no space left on the hard drive to store mission data.

#8: The computer refuses to interact with the Mir’s “Mr. Java” coffee maker.

#7: Millions of dollars are traced to phone calls to a Redmond, WA 900#.

#6: Mir astronauts are caught stealing RAM from other satellite’s computers to keep their system running.

#5: The Space Shuttle can no longer dock with Mir since “the proper driver cannot be found”

#4: The system locks up whenever the astronauts try to run life support, the solar panels and thrusters at the same time.

#3: The astronauts spend three days looking for Cyrillic version of the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys.

#2: Alien ships secretly observing Mir flee in terror.

#1: You start receiving welcoming e-mail from the Borg

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