Unintentional MS Humor: [This really happened]

Editor’s note: I usually say, “take it with a grain of salt” but I verified this with the gent who sent it in and I trust him. It happend.——-I had a minor but vexing problem with Windows98 Second Edition in June 2000, so I navigated the MS-Maze(tm) at http://search.support.microsoft.com/. Once I was at a page that looked like it was suitable, I articulated my problem and clicked SUBMIT.I got a nice reply which seemed sensible, but in the end didn’t solve the problem. I let them know that the solution they offered didn’t work. I went on to tell them that the process for getting their suggested solution (separate and apart from the fact that it was useless), by navigating a website with logins and passwords was pretty silly. Why not just send me an email?I got This Reply [typos are left in because it shows this was from a real person who did not use/have a spell checker:> > Delighting our customers is our top priority. We welcome your > > comments and suggestions about how wecan imporve the support > > we provide to you. > >> > We look forward to hearing from you. Heh. If you know me at all, you know I did just that:> Sirs:>> 1) The question was about running a simple DOS progam under Windows. >> 2) I think that it is absurd to have to access a website to get > your answer to my question. >> 3) Your answer to my question is indistinguishable from an email, > and does not look better or easier to understand on a website. >> 4) I feel it is absurd to lock this email on a web page that> requires login and password that I am unlikely to ever use again.> My question was as generic as can be. There is no need to place> the discussion of this issue in a secure environment.> > 5) Your web server refused to recognize my login and my password, 24> hours after accepting them.>> 6) It is my strong recommendation you award this systems designer and > manager, “Dilbert PHB” Certificate for silly non-functional > system of the week.> > 7) Kindly do not recommend that I should use a Microsoft Browser> or email client to access your system.[The login and password worked 24 hours later. They explained that the password database had crashed.]Here is their NEXT reply:> Hello :> > I apologize for the fact that we did not meet your expectations in this > particular instance. My goal as a Manager is to make sure that every > customer receives the service they deserve.>> Please accept my apologies!!Well not being one to let a straight line like that pass I replied:> Hi there Customer Feedback for PSS Customers, good to hear from you.>> Thank you for your kind note. I shall take it in the spirit in > which it was sent.>> Warm regards,>>

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