Washing Machine is Broken

A man says to his wife “darling I would love to have sex with you tonight.”

She replies, “please don’t ask like that, especially in front of the children. When you want to have sex, say something like ‘is the washing machine working tonight’ and only you and I will know what you mean.”

The next day the man says to his wife “is the washing machine working tonight dear” to which she replies “no, its broken.”

A couple of days later he asks “that washing machine, is it working now” to which she replies “no, its still broken.”

A week later he asks “has the washing machine been repaired” to which she replies “no, but the repairman may be here next week to fix it.”

The following week the wife says to her husband “darling, the washing machine has been repaired and its working perfectly” to which the husband replies “don’t worry now, I only had a small load so I did it by hand.”

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