Wedding bliss

Mr Potato had three daughters all wanting to get married!
Mr Potatoes first daughter cheerfully said:
Pa I am going to marry a Jersey royal.
Mr Potato replied happily:
Nice one my dear, we will have a bit of class in the family.
Mr Potatoes 2nd daughter chipped in saying:
Pa I am going to marry a King Edward.
To which Mr Potato replied even more happier:
That is great my dear, Royalty in the family that is something speacial, we are rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous now!
Suddenly all eyes went to Mr potatoes 3rd daughter who some what said hesitantly:
Pa I am going to marry Desmond Lynom!
In disbeleif Mr Potato replied angrily:
WHAT! this is an outrage! you can not marry him.
Why not?
replied the third daughter nervously!
Because he is only a common-tater!

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