Yo momma so fat or ugly

by:patrick Osullivan
yo momma so fat,
– she went to the theatre and sat next to everybody
-she jumped in the air and got stuck
-when she gets on a scale it says k.o.
-shes afraid to take her shirt off in the shower
-when she goes on a rollercoaster everyone says, “1 person to a seat”
-she weighed a plane down
-she stopped the train
-it takes 10 porter potties just to hold one of her turds
-when she dresses in white everyone says,”look its the stay puff marshmallow man”

yo momma so ugly,
-you and her look like twins
-when you were breast fed you turned away
-your friends run away saying frakenstein is back
-that when she went out on haloween to go to the store she won best costume
-if she came in a fight with a razor she would look better than before
-she takes laxitives as beauty pills

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