You may be a submiss

If you hear the term “House Whip” on CNN and then get disappointed that they’re talking about politics.If a friend of yours tells you she can’t get out of the house because she’s all tied up….and you get jealous.If stocks and bonds fascinate you, but you could care less what happens on Wall Street.If you find yourself lying about your birthday just to get in an extra spanking or two during the course of a year.If, deep in your mind, you think of tic-tac-toe as a game being played between the X’s and The Story of O’s.If you hear a confused person say, “Beat me!” and you automatically yell out “Me next!”.If you think the best part of going to church is getting to kneel. (The same holds true if you make up extra sins at confession so you can get a heavier penance).If you actually wish your Mastercard would give you orders.If you think that the three basic materials for bed sheets are linen, silk and leather. (or at the least, kinky in general)If you call your personal vibrator “Sir”.If you think your panties look best on you when pulled down around your knees.If you see a road sign displaying, “Chains required” and wonder if that means, whips are optional.If you read a headline about sub warfare, and picture two naked women cat-fighting over a cute Dom.If you dream of a beautiful leather jacket with a full face hood.

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