Yummy Corn

Once apon a time there were 3 guys riding down a dirt road in
Kentucy. After an hour of driving their truck broke down and it
was getting really dark. There was only enough blankets in the
back for one guy so the two other decided to go look for help.
Along down the dirtroad they spotted a house. They stopped and
knocked on the door and a 98 year old lady answers the door and
says, ” Can I help you boys?”

The boys looked at each other and then said, “Yeah our truck
broke down like 2 miles down the road and we need somewhere to

Th old lady replied,”Well you can stay here only if you have sex
with me constantly all night.”

The boys looked at each other and said, “Alright.”

So they walk in the house and they see a bowl of corn on the
table. The old lady goes upstairs to get herself ready and the
boys grab the corn. They go upstairs and start to screw her with
the corn and throw it out the window until the whole bowl is
gone. When they are done they go to sleep and the next morning
they go out to meet there friend, when they see him he has a big
smile on his face. Th boys look at each other then ask him,”Why
are you so happy?” HE answers. “Well I had me a good dinner last
night.” The boys asked “how?” The other one replies,”I dunno but
some dumbass was throwin buttered corn out the window!”

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